Iphone Mini

Not the real deal

Not the real deal

Although this product isn’t officially confirmed yet, Apple is tossing around the idea of making a low budget version of the iphone, but Apples parts manufacturers say just because it’s cheap does not make it a “cheap’ device. I think they mean this in more ways than one. The unlocked budget iphone probably won’t be as steep as the average iphone or the upcoming new iphone 5S in September, but its not as cheap in cost as you might think, it’ll be in the price range of about $350 to $400. You may all be wondering the same thing I am wondering, what features will this budget device NOT have? Rumor still holds up that the phone will not be to much different than the normal iphone keeping up the same sleek Apple attire and the classic simplicity of all Apple products. While there still isn’t much information out there on this inexpensive iphone it has been confirmed that it’s actually not a “mini” people just call it that referencing it to be a little sibling of the iphone or smaller in size which it actually is not.

The launch of the new budget iphone is said to be release at the same time as the 5S but if production isn’t on key then we can expect to see it on the market early 2014.

I believe the budget iphone to be really profitable for Apple appealing to low budget shoppers and maybe some teenagers getting their first cell phone that they or their parents can purchase at a reasonable price.


Everyones a photographer

untitled-2805“Everyone having a camera in their hand makes every one a photographer but the picture doesn’t make them a photographer”

A brief interview with photographer Richard Diaz…

How do you feel about all the photography craze?

It makes everyone a “photographer” so to speak.  Everyone having a camera in there hand makes every one a photographer but the picture doesn’t make them a photographer. You have to look at it from a journalist point of view, getting a picture on the spot is every photographers dream. Its more accessible, its not bad. People should consider it more of a hobby than professionalism, but it was bound to happen. It just forces professional photographers to be more creative, you have to evolve with the times because anyone can do your job, it may not all be good but its still an image. When photography went from film to digital everyone said it wasn’t real photography, I started with digital so now the people who are phone photographers are where I was when I started.

Photography has become a popular art because it seems very easy to make an amazing image with the new technology like instagram and filter apps out the ying yang but does it take away the zing in the photograph?

Its flooded, all the effects you can do with pics, Ive used the apps, I don’t necessarily like using the filters but its fun because you make great pictures on the go. Its the same thing when you run out with your DSLR and come home to light room you can tweak the pictures a little bit with playing with the colors, but I don’t like the pictures that are over produced on the phone because the filters are so saturated. Its like giving away your secrets. Its not to creative. Before the filters came out I remember trying to get these effects naturally or through photoshop. If a picture is awesome you’ll see that the picture is awesome, its going to tell a story. You have to look past the filter and just look at the picture.

What if your 90 year old grandfather got a more expensive camera than you would he produce better pictures than you?

HEll no! haha It doesn’t matter the camera at all, Its more about the composition of the picture rather the camera your using, a picture thats gonna grab you and pull you in. Your stealing a moment in time and you can do that with the cheapest camera or the most expensive camera.

Do you think people are taking advantage of photographers by offering them unpaid work and repaying them with “experience” and “training” and an “updated portfolio”?

Yea, they know that the market is so flooded for people claiming to be photographers, if your not going to do it someone else will. If you take amazing photos and you believe in your work than you shouldn’t give it away for free. If your just starting out and want some great pictures and want some experiences than sure its fine but if your experienced than what do you have to gain, you should profit off of your own photos since they’re probably gonna profit off of your photos.

If someone really likes and respects your work than they’ll composite you for that.

Even if digital photography makes it easier for the average joe to take high quality pictures there will still be people out there that understand and appreciate good photography that are willing to pay. 

How can you tell the difference between amateur photography and professional photography?

You can see techniques or that they waited for a particular moment, your able to see that some thought went into the picture. You look through the view finder and your putting together the whole photo and seeing a whole story happening in that little box, rather it be certain line or people or a scenario, you wait for the symmetry before hitting the button. A pro is more patient and waiting for the right moment and you can see that in the picture.

Are their any jobs left right now for photographers?

Who knows maybe not, I don’t know. I’m sure there still are but you might have to create your own jobs, market your self and make your self different. Create a market for your photography, your style and then sell that.

Evolving or going away? Should photographers stay optimistic about their future? 

Jobs are definitely going away. The weather channel and Chicago Sun Times have let all they’re photographer go. If your a journalist photographer then the jobs are scarce because theres always people on the scene with a camera, everything is always live. But I think if your doing it from more of a art stand point like portraits, landscapes, street photography..you create your own jobs. Doing it as a hobby or an artistic place you can market your self, but through a company good luck unless your working for advertisements, fashion, music photography etc. then thats where the jobs are. Freelance is the key.

For people that just took an interest in photography due to all of the readily available equipment and are truly passionate about the photography movement, what do you suggest to them before jumping into it and making it a career? any tips or suggestions? Job security?

I think if your going to go into it thinking your going to be making a crazy amount of money your going to be disappointed, you have to get super creative and study. Don’t go into it looking for job security go into it because you love it and wanna be creative. Be patient, as you find your style then you can make money, keep evolving and trying different things. Be different.

Who are some of your favorite photographers? 

Chase Jarvis, Zack Arias

What inspires you?

People inspire me, street photography, people doing they’re every day things, people living their lives. You see the story of strangers and how every one is so tied together and more alike than they think, getting people to look at things from a different point of view, letting someone into their lives through a picture.

What makes you happiest and unhappiest about all of the new photography equipment/devices? 

I love technology, gadgets, new software, seeing where things are going. The equipment is more affordable and things that were out of reach are more accessible now. Capturing real live events all over the world and your able to share really quickly, it opens peoples eyes, stuff that you weren’t able to see now you can, your more connected. Not just photos videos too, people are doing amazing things now because of all the cool video technology out there. 

unhappy, you have people that have a lot of money and afford all this equipment and are not as creative and are not using them to their potential just because you have it doesn’t mean you know how to use it. 

You know what I think about professional photography? Its like being a musician, you learn the trade because your passionate about it and if your lucky you get noticed and every one loves your work and wants more but if you never make it big you should always do it because love it. Its not like going to college and learning a trade and not finding a job, it is another form of being the typical starving artist. Do what you love but do not quit your day job unless photography becomes your day job, then go for it!

-Mary M.


Commitment Issues

iphone devilI’m in love but I can’t say I’ll remain in love for the next two years, at least with my cell phone plan any ways. I have an iphone 4S and its alright I mean it gets the job done, I get to make phone calls, play with apps, and even take cool pictures when it decides to stay in focus but I HATE being attached to my carrier. When I go to Best Buy and look at all the cool devices I think “well, maybe one day I’ll get this cool phone I just don’t wanna be tied down to my carrier for another 2 years!”

I’m basically in a love hate relationship with my carrier, but we stick together for the sake of my iphone. Now that Tmobile has adopted the iphone and selling it contract free sounds nothing more than short of a miracle but theres always catches when it comes to selling big names like Apple because remember theres nothing free in this world and if it sounds to good to be true than it probably is. Tmobile is selling the iphone 5 $100.00 above retail price, since it is contract free you buy the phone at full price but since Tmobile is so down to earth they’re giving us broke asses who does not have a smart phone in 2013 yet, a chance to be one with society by cutting us a break and letting us sign up with a 24 month payment plan after a $150.00 down payment.

I’m sorry I personally do not want to pay on my smart phone for 2 years, thats basically a contract. 20 dollars extra a month for 24 months on your phone bill and no switching phones because you will owe the amount unpaid. Fortunately if you do not want to take the iphone 5 route there are other cell phone companies out there that are contract free with some pretty decent smart phones such as Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, and even Walmart has a cell phone section. Just keep in mind the smaller companies and look around before making a deal with the devil.

-Mary M.

Google I/O and the new Galaxy S4

google-io-2013For all of you who tuned into the first of the 3 day Google I/O 2013 conference today was in for a real treat as they made some big announcements on updates and new apps. There was a lot that was unveiled today and a lot that I’m very excited about that makes me want to run out and trade my beloved iphone for the new and improved Galaxy S4. Google is said to release their own version of the Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Samsung has been the maker of Google Android and has made it a very successful  device, but Google wants to have Android their own way. Theres a few tweaks to the new phone including stock Android 4.2 instead of the Korean company’s hardware and some custom applications of course. For those of you on the never ending quest for the “ultimate” smart phone, this definitely jumps to the top of the list. Release date is June 26th.

Jan Dawson a telecom analyst at Ovum, said “This is a way for Google to say, ‘We’re going to make one of the best Android devices out there available unlocked with stock Android’ to negate those complaints once and for all,” he said. “It’s never going to be a huge seller, but it resolves a common complaint for a disproportionately influential part of the base, which will have wider-reaching benefits for Google and the ecosystem.”

This is just one of the many things at the Google I/O that caught my attention but aside from the new Galaxy S4, they announced updates to Google+ making it more clean and a messaging solution for Talk and Google+ Messenger rolled into one and theres a few updates on Google hangout which I’m dying to try.

A few more things that were discussed were better looking maps, OK Google, attaching money in your emails (which is very neat) and a much more boring things that aren’t worth the key strokes but stay tuned in the next couple of days and see what Google is gonna pull out of their hat next.

-Mary M. 

Watch out Spotify!

googlespotifyRumor has it that Google is diving into the subscription music service game. It looks like they are getting ready to go head to head with Spotify who they tried to acquire back in April. They’ll also be going up against the bigger competitors like Apple, who currently is leading the market in online music sales and plans to launch they’re own music service this year. Also in Google’s crosshairs are Pandora, Rdio, and Amazon.

Google’s service would be weaved into Youtube who receives 800 million unique visitors a month, and Google Play a digital media store which launched in 2011. They landed licensing deals with Warner Music Group, Universal Music, and Sony all major players in the music industry which puts Google in a strong position. Monthly subscription price is unknown at the moment.

Wednesday May,15th Google will hold a developers conference which takes place at Google I/O in  San Francisco, the company also is expected to announce several upgrades to the Android software.

-Mary M.

The High Line

High Line Park

High Line Park

This is an amazing idea, old railway tracks turned into a green park. A quick brief history rundown, the railways were built between 1929 and 1934 as a solution to eliminating rail traffic along the city streets on Manhattan’s West Side by introducing a new elevated railway -now called the High Line- The railway gave efficient access to upper floor loading docks of warehouses, factories and storage facilities. Also once called the “Life line of New York” because it was carrying so many freight trains filled with dairy, fresh produce and meat. The last train rode the track in 1980.

After years of abandonment nature began to take its course filling the railways with grass and wildlife. Demolition talk was in the works until a non-profit group lead by Mayor Bloomberg and New York Citys council decided to turn it into a open pubic park.

The Sky Line is great for photographers as you get the wonderful natural beauty of some thing old and historic with a unique modern twist of the ever growing urban gardens here in NYC. I would suggest going during sunset or sunrise, the sun will reflect luminous light off of the surrounding buildings and give the Hudson a gorgeous glow. The park allows you to sit and reflect on the busy city that never sleeps without getting hit by a car. Theres places to sit and relax as well as food and drink vendors all up and down the board walk and did I mention theres some amazing street performers as welluntitled-2569.

If you decide to go visit the futuristic well designed park it is located between West 30th and West 34th Streets to the South and North and 10th and 12th Avenues to the East and the West section,it  extends one mile beyond the northern terminus of the park at West 30th Street.

There are several entrances and exits along the board walk, so skip the busy streets when getting around Chelsea and enjoy a more relaxing walk down 10th avenue by taking the High Line.

Mary M.


Enjoy my pictures!

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Take a bath with your smart phone.

Sony xperia ZRGoing for a jump in a 3 foot pool? Don’t forget your smart phone! Yep you heard me. Sony has released the first water resistant smart phone Sony Xperia ZR. Everyone knows that water and electronics are like oil and water they just do not mix but at the many attempts of making water proof devices Sony has a solution for your aqua dilemma as they release a water resistant quad-core phone that seems to be the real deal for those of you who spend long days by the pool. The Sony Xperia ZR runs on Androids Jellybean and can withstand sprays of water such as sprinkler play on a lawn or a water fight. They even claim it can be dunked in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. There’s no specific or special coating on the device, Rather, the device is made water-resistant in all of its parts without the stereotypically bulky design for which so-called rugged phones have been known. The phone is built thick which you could imagine a very durable phone being built, weighing 140 grams with an 8 GB memory coming in 4 different colors, but not only do you get a water proof phone its also very high dust resistant for those of you hanging out in the dessert or in grandmas attic. The camera on this phone will take photography to another level with a 13 mega pixel camera and video, the shots you can get with this phone will be amazing, but if you don’t want to take the route of buying full proof equipped  water proof phone you can always result to preordering your phone to get Liquipeled or buy a case such as the Outter box to make it shock proof or if you wanna carry a suit case they always make water proof cases. You can start looking for this innovative smart phone May 15,2013.

– Mary M.

Apple receives iPhone unlock requests from law enforcement

The decryption on your iPhone is apparently secure enough that law enforcement agencies are waiting in line to have Apple “crack” the lock and provide data to be used as evidence.

According to a report by CNET, Apple has the ability to decrypt seized iPhones and has created a waiting list to handle requests. At one point last summer, the wait was over 7 weeks long and one ATF agent reported that it took his request at least four months to be processed. The ATF had tried to decrypt the iPhone 4S of a Kentucky man accused of distributing crack cocaine and became so frustrated that it contacted Apple for assistance. That’s where the wait started…

For those who are concerned about how secure their personal information is on an iOS device, the fact that the devices can’t be cracked by Federal agents is good news. No one is sure exactly how Apple can decrypt the information for police, whether there’s a backdoor that only Apple knows about, has custom hardware for decryption, or just has better-trained cryptologists.

The CNET article notes that Elcomsoft sells an iOS Forensic Toolkit, which claims to crack a four-digit iOS 4 or iOS 5 passcode in less than 40 minutes. It’s when someone uses a PIN or password with more characters that the decryption time takes a much longer time. The post cites Simson Garfinkel from the US Naval Postgraduate School, who estimates that cracking a 10-digit PIN could take as long as 25 years using common brute-force methods.

The bottom line? For normal law-abiding citizens, a longer passphrase or PIN can keep your iOS data protected. For criminals, however, Apple knows how to free your data for law enforcement and will do so.

-Steve Sande


Prehistoric Google Glass found in Antarctica in 2001

If your thinking of getting a Google Glass just think of what you could have been wearing on your face back in 2001.

Having a computer stashed inside of your bifocals might be new and exciting for all of you new aged tech junkies but for a team of explorers in Antarctica, Glass is nothing more than an updated version of what they were using in 2001.

Tina Sjogren one of the creators of this marvelous machine remembers wearing this 15 pound computer running on windows 98 paired with a “finger” mouse for controls and a glass screen for display.

The device was called “South Pole Wearable” with custom-built software that allows you to share information and post photos. Unlike the Glass it was solar-powered which is something Google should consider since they are struggling in the battery department. Also 3G, 4G, and wi-fi were not used it relied solely on satellites.

Drawing of a future explorer wearing the device

Drawing of a future explorer wearing the device

Finger Mouse

Wrist Keyboard

HUD (VGA Heads Up Display, Eye-trek Glasses by Olympus)

Wearable Windows 98 computers

Daylight flat panel display

Customized Technology vests

Shoulder Mounted Web Camera

Bluetooth near person network

Iridium data over satellite

Power converters

Solar cells

Control and Command voice software

CONTACT blogging software

Image editing, word processing

 Tina and Tom Sjogren built these specs to be able to transfer all types of information as they skied through the South Pole.

We wore a computer on our hips, a mouse in our pocket, and the glass was our screen. We did it not to show off but because we had no other choice.”

In 2002, they became the first to broadcast live photos and sounds from the Antarctic ice cap. Maybe Google can learn a thing or two from these explorers as they continue to update and improve their version of the South Pole Wearable.

-Mary M.


Bill Gate disses Apples IPad in the awake of the Microsoft Surface tablet

Bill GatesAre IPad tablets as useful as you think they are? As a loyal apple user myself its very hard to think of using other products when it comes to getting my technology fix in but according to our opposing team, Microsoft is picking up where Apple is lacking. Ipad users are “frustrated” says Bill Gates by the tablets lack of functionality and productivity applications. The cure for these down falls are the new Microsoft Surface tablet which has many features that the IPad and other tablets alike do not have. Gates told CNBC. “A lot of those users are frustrated. They can’t type, they can’t create documents, they don’t have Office there.”

According to Gates also if you are familiar with using a PC you will also reek the same benefits from the PC in your tablet as in Microsoft Office and also of course with the wonderful mobile portability keyboard feature that every tablet should possess. To distinguish the difference between your tablet and your PC will be very difficult as the tablets functionality increases.

Although the Surface Pro is not as marketed as the IPad and can only be sold through the Microsoft website, Surface Pro is the way to go for more of an office on the go as you can create documents and the lowest storage capacity is 64 GB while the ipad sinks in at 16 GB. You can purchase one of these nifty tablets starting at $900.00 just a few dollars more than the IPad probably due to more storage space.

The performance runs like a an Ultrabook since it utilizes the same processor but once again hard to compare to the IPad since they are running on two different processors which makes them two different machines with two different personalities. When using the tablet you will also get to enjoy the high resolution wide screen while watching Netflix or playing games or reading the daily news with crisp vibrant text. The Surface Pro is very user friendly and very easy to navigate around on.

Brian Goddard, owner of GTechserv in Charlotte, N.C., says the Surface Pro is a superior offering compared to Apple’s tablet. “We look at the IPad as more of a secondary device rather than a primary device,” he said. “The Surface Pro is definitely a good fit for businesses because it has the horsepower and the apps that a straight tablet doesn’t have. So I’d agree with [Gates] — the IPad is more of a consumption device rather than a productivity device.” All and all whether you decide to make the decision to purchase a Surface Pro and make your IPad your secondary device all depends on your daily needs.

-Mary M.

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