Google I/O and the new Galaxy S4

google-io-2013For all of you who tuned into the first of the 3 day Google I/O 2013 conference today was in for a real treat as they made some big announcements on updates and new apps. There was a lot that was unveiled today and a lot that I’m very excited about that makes me want to run out and trade my beloved iphone for the new and improved Galaxy S4. Google is said to release their own version of the Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Samsung has been the maker of Google Android and has made it a very successful  device, but Google wants to have Android their own way. Theres a few tweaks to the new phone including stock Android 4.2 instead of the Korean company’s hardware and some custom applications of course. For those of you on the never ending quest for the “ultimate” smart phone, this definitely jumps to the top of the list. Release date is June 26th.

Jan Dawson a telecom analyst at Ovum, said “This is a way for Google to say, ‘We’re going to make one of the best Android devices out there available unlocked with stock Android’ to negate those complaints once and for all,” he said. “It’s never going to be a huge seller, but it resolves a common complaint for a disproportionately influential part of the base, which will have wider-reaching benefits for Google and the ecosystem.”

This is just one of the many things at the Google I/O that caught my attention but aside from the new Galaxy S4, they announced updates to Google+ making it more clean and a messaging solution for Talk and Google+ Messenger rolled into one and theres a few updates on Google hangout which I’m dying to try.

A few more things that were discussed were better looking maps, OK Google, attaching money in your emails (which is very neat) and a much more boring things that aren’t worth the key strokes but stay tuned in the next couple of days and see what Google is gonna pull out of their hat next.

-Mary M. 


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