Commitment Issues

iphone devilI’m in love but I can’t say I’ll remain in love for the next two years, at least with my cell phone plan any ways. I have an iphone 4S and its alright I mean it gets the job done, I get to make phone calls, play with apps, and even take cool pictures when it decides to stay in focus but I HATE being attached to my carrier. When I go to Best Buy and look at all the cool devices I think “well, maybe one day I’ll get this cool phone I just don’t wanna be tied down to my carrier for another 2 years!”

I’m basically in a love hate relationship with my carrier, but we stick together for the sake of my iphone. Now that Tmobile has adopted the iphone and selling it contract free sounds nothing more than short of a miracle but theres always catches when it comes to selling big names like Apple because remember theres nothing free in this world and if it sounds to good to be true than it probably is. Tmobile is selling the iphone 5 $100.00 above retail price, since it is contract free you buy the phone at full price but since Tmobile is so down to earth they’re giving us broke asses who does not have a smart phone in 2013 yet, a chance to be one with society by cutting us a break and letting us sign up with a 24 month payment plan after a $150.00 down payment.

I’m sorry I personally do not want to pay on my smart phone for 2 years, thats basically a contract. 20 dollars extra a month for 24 months on your phone bill and no switching phones because you will owe the amount unpaid. Fortunately if you do not want to take the iphone 5 route there are other cell phone companies out there that are contract free with some pretty decent smart phones such as Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, and even Walmart has a cell phone section. Just keep in mind the smaller companies and look around before making a deal with the devil.

-Mary M.


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