Iphone Mini

Not the real deal

Not the real deal

Although this product isn’t officially confirmed yet, Apple is tossing around the idea of making a low budget version of the iphone, but Apples parts manufacturers say just because it’s cheap does not make it a “cheap’ device. I think they mean this in more ways than one. The unlocked budget iphone probably won’t be as steep as the average iphone or the upcoming new iphone 5S in September, but its not as cheap in cost as you might think, it’ll be in the price range of about $350 to $400. You may all be wondering the same thing I am wondering, what features will this budget device NOT have? Rumor still holds up that the phone will not be to much different than the normal iphone keeping up the same sleek Apple attire and the classic simplicity of all Apple products. While there still isn’t much information out there on this inexpensive iphone it has been confirmed that it’s actually not a “mini” people just call it that referencing it to be a little sibling of the iphone or smaller in size which it actually is not.

The launch of the new budget iphone is said to be release at the same time as the 5S but if production isn’t on key then we can expect to see it on the market early 2014.

I believe the budget iphone to be really profitable for Apple appealing to low budget shoppers and maybe some teenagers getting their first cell phone that they or their parents can purchase at a reasonable price.


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